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        Lynda’s professional experience is in evidence-based processes, both psychological and behavioral that bring about long lasting changes. In addition to coaching others, Lynda is an educator, a nutritional consultant and a long time traveler on her own path to health and wellness. Lynda found professional support to assist her in rebalancing her brain and body chemistry and in the process began helping others do the same. 

        Before working in the wellness field Lynda taught school age children and has first hand experience with the debilitating educational and lifestyle effects of ADHD. Later, during her years working as a nutritional consultant Lynda supported patients with ADHD, mood disorders, compulsive eating issues and addictions recovery. As an educator Lynda offers background information—and as a coach, her hand in partnership—as clients make connections and progress on their own pathway to health and wellness.

        Lynda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education. She is a certified health and wellness coach, a physician-trained nutritional coach and a holistic addictions professional. Lynda received her coaching credentials from Wellcoaches Corporation.  Physicians are offered the Wellcoaches model through classes at Harvard Medical School. In addition to her private practice clients, Lynda provides specific coaching services to patients of physicians working to prevent and repair chronic conditions.

About Lynda

Lynda Pasqua MA,CHWC

About Lynda



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