Killing You Softly…

9 Risk Factors

Making You Sick

and  Fat

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Eating Your Heart Out                                                                          
Normal eaters do not use food to balance emotions. They eat when they are hungry and don’t use food to soothe emotions.

They wouldn’t be able to think about food, let alone eat it, if they were emotionally upset or experiencing intense feelings of

any kind.  Others, in the same situation would be able to think of nothing else.  People either learn to acknowledge their

feelings or to deny their feelings, but either way, they may or may not have learned to connect these feelings to eating. The

connection between emotions and eating is a learned behavior, usually adopted early on in life and it can be unlearned. Learn

the strategies to break the bond between eating and emotions.

 From Chaos To Calm                                                          

                                                     Whether you’re overwhelmed with responsibilities, are scattered and lack focus or have been labeled ADD or ADHD, this                                                          may be the perfect time to organize your mind, set priorities and clean up your environment, too.  You have the ability to                                                         clear the clutter in and around you and kick confusion and chaos to the curb. Your stress level may decrease as soon as you                                                     get started on this most important project. Learn to put your skills to work and take time for yourself!

Rebooting Your Brain…Without Sugar, Drugs or Alcohol     
As humans, we are very complex chemical manufacturing plants that convert our fuel (food) into chemicals. Our body

chemicals communicate and direct our cells over our nervous system, our eons-old internal internet. The underlying

relationship between brain chemistry imbalance symptoms, such as mood disorders, inattentiveness and addictive behaviors                                                 is physiological. Our emotional makeup, moods and personality, though influenced by our genes and our environment, are pretty                                  much determined by the neurotransmitter production that goes on in our brain.  This workshop will help you identify what may

be missing in your brain and offer some solutions.


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Back To Eating Food-Whole, Real and Clean

Lifestyle changes, advances in food technology and the media age have all contributed to negative consequences resulting in our confused food choices.  If you suffer with chronic symptoms, are of a higher weight or are plagued with dysregulated eating, there is little doubt that the foods you eat may not be in you body’s best interest. Reevaluate your current food plan and simplify the process to restore your eating to what is natural and optimal for you.


ADHD <delete

Most people recognize the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (ADHD) include hyperactivity, inability to focus and often oppositional behaviors. Yet many know little of their underlying causes, physiological or nutritional.  ADHD <Delete can increase awareness into brain chemistry imbalances that bring chaos rather than creativity into many lives. It also discusses 

Back To Eating


Real and Clean


​​Many organizations look to health and wellness professionals to provide information that will enhance their members’ wellbeing.  Seminars and workshops may be the place for them to start.  Lynda offers both webinars and in-person seminars, as well as onsite and online multi-session workshops on various topics for employee programs, civic and PTA organizations, and common interest groups.

If your organization has a specific topic they would like Lynda to discuss, please contact her with your requirements. Lynda’s Chapters below, offer the background for the most popular topics for LifeStyleCareCoach seminars and workshops and can be tailored for your group.

Rebooting Your Brain Without Sugar Drugs or Alcohol

Information highlights the many symptoms caused by imbalanced brain chemistry—neurotransmitter deficiencies, and is for those who struggle with any type of addictive behaviors, mood disorders, anxiety and/or who use artificial ways to soothe or energize themselves. This information is essential for those who are trying to quit smoking, are in recovery, struggle with eating or weight issues, or are looking to restore their peace of mind.



Lynda Pasqua MA, CHWC, CHAP  239-330-4414

Killing You Softly… 9 Risk Factors Making You Sick and Fat 
The risk factors  discussed here include physiological, behavioral and psychological factors that influence a person’s position on the health-sickness continuum. They are: Nutritional Deficiencies, Brain Chemistry Imbalances, GI Tract Damage, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Metabolic Challenges, Excess Sugar/Carbohydrates, A Confused Food Plan, Emotional Eating, and Physical Inactivity.   Assess your risk factors and learn strategies to reduce eliminate them.

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ADHD < delete

Rebooting Your

Brain Without Sugar, Drugs or Alcohol

Eating Your Heart Out   

Many people overeat from time to time.  However, if overeating is a regular and uncontrollable habit, you may be suffering from what is referred to as emotional or compulsive eating. If you use food to cope with stress and other emotions and are out of control around food, you will benefit from this information. Connecting eating to emotions is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.


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Eating  Your

Heart Out